Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Section A- Paper 1

Questions 1 – 4
Choose the best word to complete the sentence.

1. A ______________ carries our luggage to the hotel room.

            A. potter
            B. porter
            C. peddler
            D. plumber

2. The boy wore a pair of ________________ for snorkeling.

            A. goggles
            B. binoculars
            C. spectacles
            D. sunglasses

3. The butcher cuts the meat with a _______________.

            A. blade
            B. sword
            C. cleaver
            D. machete

4. My grandmother rears a lot of chickens in the

            A. cage
            B. shed
            C. barn
            D. coop

Saving the earth..

1.     Reduce
2.    Reuse
3.    Recycle

These are the three steps we can do to help to save our world. By doing these, we are saving
the world for the next generations.
We must reduce the usage of plastic bags and many things in order to make our world are a better place. Try to bring our own shopping bag every time we go shopping.
We must use all the things that still can be used again. An empty water bottle can be turn into a beautiful flower pot.
Used bottles, newspapers, aluminium cans are the things that we can recycle. We can sort them into their own group and sent them to the Recycle Centre. They can be turn into something new again.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Singing With Vowels

Here are ways to say the vowels correctly.. Songs are always good ways to get our pupils attention and also to increase their interest in the language.. There are short vowels and long vowels.. Come,let's sing together.

Learning about Vowels

Friday, 9 December 2011

Lesson Note

Daily Lesson Notes (Special Education Class)

Date                            :  2nd November 2011
Duration                     :  30 minutes
Strand                                    : Communication Skills
Class                          : Pendidikan Khas ( Harapan 1)
Numbers of pupils    : 5 pupils
Theme                        : World of Knowledge.
Topic                         : Colours
Content Standard     :           6.1      Name and differentiate colours
Learning Standard     :          6.1.1    Able to identify and differentiate colours
Intergrated Strands  :           Spirituality
                                                Attitude and values
                                                Physical and Esthetic

Pupils name   : KUMPULAN 1
       Khairul  – Masalah pertuturan
        Amirul  – Masalah tingkah laku dan slow learner
       Ranjini – Slow learner
       Isa – Slow learner
        Muhammad – Slow learner
Lesson Objectives:
By the end of the lesson,pupils should be able to;
        Differentiate two basic colours : blue and yellow.
        Colour pictures using the learned colours.

Previous Knowledge:
Pupils had learned about colours
Teaching Aids           : Coloured paper, coloured contained, pictures.
Values                                    : Co-operation, tolerance .
Evaluation Instrument : Pupils were able to match the correct colours.    


Set Induction

1. Teacher takes out the coloured paper and shows to the pupils.
2. Gets pupils to name the colours.
3. Teacher writes the names of colours on the board.
4. Gets the whole class to say out the colours.
coloured paper

Weak pupils can refer to their friends .

Step 1
1. Pupils listen while teacher read aloud the names of two basic colours
2. Pupils pronounce after the teacher, the names of the two basic colours,yellow and blue in chorus.
3.Pupils pronounce the names of the colours individually.
Colour paper

Step 2
1. Teacher show container that in two basic colour,yellow and blue.
2. Teacher gives each pupil shapes in the two basic colours.
3. Pupils will be asked to group the shapes into its colour according to the containers.
coloured containers
coloured shapes

Oral practise
Step 3
1. Teacher gives exercise sheet on colours.
2. Pupils are ask to match the object that are the same.
3. Teacher guides pupils to do the task.
4. Teacher gives each pupil a blank paper with same coloured shapes.
5. Teacher explain to pupils how to do the activity.
6. Teacher observes pupils work
3 sets of worksheets

written exercise

Individual works so that teacher will be able to spot pupils that wouldn’t be able to do the task.
Step 4
1. Teacher gives enrichment activity to pupils.
2. Teacher do the closure for today’s lesson.
Enrichments worksheet

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